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About Us

After many years of operating and developing OrderSingingValentine.com, we noticed a need for many of the singing groups we server. They need more marketing for their program to help generate more sales. The online ordering and awesome tools we offer to manage a Singing Valentines program are great, but helping your group generate more Singing Valentine sales would of great benefit too. So, we created SingingValentine.com to help with that need!

This site is designed to help boost sales for your Singing Valentines program by offering nationwide Internet Marketing for everyone. It is free to join and list your group and free to create a customized order form to sell your Singing Valentines! You can also use your order form on your site or within your OrderSingingValentine.com account (free account includes 10 orders per month). If your chorus or singing group offer Singing Valentines, or you would like to, Join Now.
To order a Singing Valentine for your Sweetheart, please go here.

SingingValentine.com is a project of OrderSingingValentine.com. Please get in touch if you have questions or need help. Thanks for stopping by!

Kurt Irmiter